We plan and execute chic, stylish weddings, private parties and soirées with excellence.


Rula and her team plan Weddings, Parties and Soirees with a certain flair, executed with style, sophistication and glamour.

With a background spanning from fashion to hospitality, Rula has developed a craft and is a specialist in producing exceptional experiences, delivered at the highest level of attention to detail – some would say that it is part of her DNA.

From working at some of London’s most iconic 5 star venues to parties at home, Rula has gained a wealth of experience in managing complex projects. With a strict adherence to quality standards and an understanding of luxury craftsmanship, Rula and her team always strive to exceed expectations.

Every event is unique and so are the requirements. Rula continually brings fresh exciting new ideas by personalising your event and perfectly weaving a certain je ne sais quoi into every element of your celebration. With passion, creativity and style each event is produced bringing your vision to life.

Rula’s way of working is open, honest and with integrity, at all times centered on her clients’ requirements and desires. It is a service that is able to adapt and evolve to suit any brief. This is supported by Rula’s passion for providing her clients with a completely bespoke and tailored response.

Above all, Rula and her team understand the importance of discretion and privacy, at all times respecting her clients’ request for confidentiality.

For further details please phone +44 (0)7768 514 383 or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.

Bringing your ideas and wishes to life in a style which reflects you and your personalities.